Anti-Aging Skin Care: Choosing the Right Sunscreen

Most anti-aging creams are not really effective because they simply cannot block out enough of the UV rays that cause age spots, freckles and other aging signs. So, what are effective, well-rounded solutions for keeping your skin young looking and feeling young at the same time?

Sunscreens are made specifically to protect you from the harmful UV rays that cause premature aging, filtering out the harmful ultraviolet radiation that contributes to skin aging. 

There is no one single thing that causes our skin to age. There are factors like a lack of sleep, environmental pollutants and hormone levels that can all contribute to premature aging. There are other environmental factors that can contribute, too, including air pollution and sun damage. 

Antioxidants are necessary to help prevent damage caused by free radicals, or chemical agents that cause damage in your body and contribute to aging and other aging signs. 

If you are looking for the right sunscreen to help with your anti-aging efforts, look for products that contain a broad spectrum SPF, that are fragrance free, and wear it on your hands, face and neck. Apply it in the morning and in the afternoon, or after coming in contact with water.