Anti-Aging – Skin Care Tips

Anti-aging is the theory of extending life span, either drastically by prolonging life span significantly or very minimally through technological advances in medicine. The medical technology today to achieve these drastic changes does not yet exist. Some scientists believe that the best way forward is to increase our life expectancy by as much as 40 percent. Retinoids have been shown to have anti-aging properties and are the subject of numerous studies conducted over recent years.

Retinol (a derivative of vitamin A) occurs naturally in most animals. It has become one of the most popular supplemental vitamins in the western world. Retinol occurs in animal skin at the outermost layer. Its major functions are to regulate skin cell generation, regulate lipid metabolism, and promote cell growth and repair.

As we age our skin looses its ability to produce this compound. As a result, our skin becomes thinner. Since the production of retinol is directly proportional to the amount of physical activity, the less physical activity we have, the more retinol our skin produces. The more fat cells we have, the more retinol our bodies accumulate.

There are several ways to get retinol, but none of them seem to work particularly well as an anti-aging agent. The easiest way is probably to take a supplement regularly. The best supplements combine ingredients which all have proven retinol effects. One of the best combinations I have seen combines proteins with retinol, as well as an extract from red clover. This combination seems to be effective in reversing many of the visible signs of aging.

The downside to taking retinol as a supplement is that it can be difficult for the average person to absorb. Fortunately, there are now pills that can effectively take care of that problem. The Retinol Pills works by stimulating collagen growth, which makes the skin look younger and smoother. Because retinol also helps make skin look firm and wrinkle-free, the pill helps to eliminate the common signs of aging.

So, while there are other options such as injections and other types of surgery, the best way to combat the visible signs of age is through the natural process of anti-aging. Retinol, combined with natural extracts, can give your skin a boost from within. No matter what form of anti-aging you choose, always remember to research the products carefully before using them. By keeping an eye out for harmful ingredients, you will keep yourself safe from skin damage.