Allergies? Migraines? Fragrances in your skin care products might be making them worse

Synthetic scents, SLS and SLES for short, are often petroleum based. When they are applied to the skin, the oil producing glands react by producing more oil, which in turn creates a scent. If you suffer from chronic migraines or other conditions that cause your eyes to itch, fragrances in your daily products might be making them worse. Consider switching to a fragrance-free detergent, fragrance-free soaps and shampoos, and fragrance-free lotions and see if that makes a difference.

Many people suffer from chronic allergies, including eczema and asthma. Fragrance can trigger these allergies, as the body tries to identify the source of irritation. Even though a person may not be having an allergy attack while using a product, the effects on the body can be the same (irritation and inflammation). Many people have discovered that simply switching out their daily products can make a big impact on their allergies, skin conditions, and migraines.