Is “Fragrance Free” A Better Choice?

Unscented vs. Fragrance Free Since the underlying worries about fragrances are so important, having fragrance free products can keep redness, allergies, or any other type of adverse skin reaction at bay. However, there is still a blurry line between fragrance-free and “unscented”, and the difference between these two is not always as clear-cut as one would hope.

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The first main distinction is in the ingredients used to make a perfume or Cologne. Perfume-based products use fragrant extracts (e.g.

Perfume is often a blend of several ingredients, but the main ingredients are usually: plant extracts, alcohol, synthetic fragrances, waxes, essential oils, carrier oils, preservatives, colorants, tars, resins, synthetics and a variety of chemicals. In other words, the fragrance itself can be comprised of as many as hundreds of different elements, all of which can have their own negative side effects on your skin. And because fragrances are made up of so many different ingredients, perfume can sometimes create more of a problem than a solution!

When you buy a fragrance-based product, it is almost always accompanied by an ingredient called Fragrance, sometimes known as Furocoumarin. This substance is a natural chemical that gives scents their fragrance. However, fragrances are also created through the burning of plant materials, the addition of chemicals, the breaking down of natural compounds, and a variety of other processes. Therefore, even a perfume with a 100% natural fragrance can have trace amounts of Furocoumarin.

There are many ways to combat this problem. For example, you could try to use a perfume with a very low fragrance concentration, such as one with a concentration of around 10% fragrance oil (a fragrance is typically defined as anything from the name on the bottle to the smell of a rose). However, even though this may work for some people, it will still likely to contain traces of fragrance, especially if you frequently use perfume because you are sensitive to fragrance.

Fragrance free products are those that do not contain any fragrance ingredients at all. These products are usually manufactured in such a way that they are nearly impossible to detect. They are often called “hypoallergenic”, which means that they are free of any type of allergy. reaction on the skin caused by fragrance. In fact, if you have sensitive skin and are sensitive to fragrance, you may find that hypoallergenic fragrances may even cause less reaction than a fragrance-based product.