Skin Care Routine For Acne Sufferers

Yes! Contrary to popular opinion, you too can effectively use Retinol along with Salicylic Acid in order to cure pimples and help to reduce the look of facial skin aging without producing severe irritation. It’s important to find a formulation specifically formulated for sensitive skin in order to avoid such issues, and avoid products with fragrance in them, which can further irritate your skin.

Benzoyl peroxide, on the other hand, is actually considered milder than salicylic acid. However, when benzoyl peroxide is used in excess, it causes redness and irritation, as well as burning, itching, and stinging. So, if you are using benzoyl peroxide, make sure to apply only enough amount to avoid these uncomfortable side effects.

Let’s take a look at the more effective ingredients for the treatment of acne – those active ingredients that don’t produce any side effects and that can actually get rid of acne. That list includes alpha hydroxyl acids (AHAs), glycolic acid (GA), lactic acid (LHA), and tretinoin (TRT). The main reason why these active ingredients have been found effective in the treatment of acne is that they get rid of excess sebum (the skin’s natural oil) in the hair follicles, and they exfoliate the skin to get rid of dead skin cells. Furthermore, some of them also stimulate the production of new hair follicle cells.

One popular ingredient that is quite effective in treating acne is Retinol. Retinol, which is a form of vitamin A. Vitamin A is not only found in fruits, but it can also be found in foods like wheatgerm, orange juice, carrots, liver, and green leafy vegetables.

Your basic skin care routine should consist of washing your face twice daily using a mild yet effective cleanser, and applying an effective moisturizer. Some of the more popular moisturizers include: glycolic acid, retinol, AHAs, and LHA. If you want to find a good moisturizer, always look for ingredients that are proven to be effective in the treatment of acne as well as all over the skin. The best ingredients to choose are the ones that have the following properties: they stimulate collagen production, they cause the shedding of old and damaged cells, and they remove excess sebum.