Using a Double Cleanse System to Keep Your Skin Clean and Refreshed

What exactly is the double cleanse method? As the name implies, it’s a two-step method of cleansing your skin. It was first created in Korea by Korean skin care regimens that traditionally begin with a moisturizing oil based cleanser, followed by a mild lathering cleanser. The results from using this cleansing system are often seen immediately because it leaves your skin refreshed and revitalized.

Be wary, some cleansers contain alcohol, which can be drying on your skin. So, if you plan to use a cleanser that contains alcohol, it’s best to select one with a low alcohol content or, better yet, avoid it altogether.

Skin care professionals also recommend following the double cleanse with other products, such as a moisturizer or serum. A moisturizer works by adding moisture to the skin by penetrating deep into the pores and creating a barrier between your skin and the skin around it. This is particularly helpful when you are dealing with oily or damaged skin.