What Is Dimethicone?

What is Dimethicone? Dimethicone is a by product of petroleum jelly, or commonly known as petrolatum. The good news is that it’s not all that bad. Just be sure that you only use this product in moderation. The bad news is that it contains a very high amount of dimethyl paraben, a highly toxic substance. The reason this is bad is because it contains a high enough level of dimethyl paraben to cause skin irritation and even cause cancer. A recent study indicates that even small skin irritation due to dimethicone is up to 80% more likely when using this than when not.

Why do so many car makers still use it? Well, it’s cheap. You see, if you add a little to your car wash products, then you can get away with using less detergent. The same principle works for washing your car. So, when you use the car wash for washing the car, and you add a dab of dimethicone to the soap, you have the same effect as applying one more detergent.

How does this compound to get into the cars we drive? Well, it’s there because a small amount of it gets onto the floor of the cars when they are washed. If you happen to drive through a big city, then you are likely to see lots of car washing stations. It’s easy to see how it ends up in our car’s as well. But, why stop there? You see, most cities have a lot of restaurants and other commercial establishments that would love to use Dimethicone in their products. As long as they continue to do business in those cities, they will continue to use it and add more to their products to find a cheaper way to make them.