What is the Difference Between Fragrance Free and Organic Shampoo?

Fragrance-free shampoo has no fragrances (such as synthetic fragrances) and is less likely to cause skin reactions, hormonal problems, and cancer. Synthetic fragrances are among the top irritants and should definitely be avoided, because they include phthalates – a known cancer causing chemical.

Organic shampoos can still contain natural fragrances, such as essential oils, which can still irritate your skin and cause reactions. Better yet – find a product that’s both organic and fragrance free! (be wary of “unscented” products, they still contain harmful chemicals and it’s not the same as fragrance free).

The best way to differentiate one is by reading the labels carefully, to see what they contain, as well as how they’re made and whether they contain any additives. A good shampoo will contain no SLS, triclosan or dioxanes. These chemicals are commonly used in soaps, lotions, shampoos, hair gels, and conditioners. These chemicals are listed by the Environmental Protection Agency as known to cause cancer.

Organic shampoos contain plant extracts that work well to cleanse the hair. They are naturally produced, as opposed to chemically synthesized ones. The reason they work so well is because they not only clean the hair, but they also provide natural nourishment to the strands.

A fragrance free shampoo is probably your best bet. The difference is in the way it cleans. Natural organic shampoos are less likely to strip the scalp of natural oils, which is the reason why they aren’t as drying as other shampoos.